About Me

Who I am?  

I'm the wife of a wonderful man, and the mother 2 little sweethearts.  My days are busy being Mommy to these little people, which means laundry, diapers, snacks, walks, naps, play-dates, stories, wiping runny noses, and kissing ouchies, take up a big chunk of my time.  

Amidst the busyness of Mom life, it is a breather for me to photograph people like you! I especially enjoy meeting other families, hearing your stories, and creating photos you will treasure for a lifetime.  


Things I love:  

DIY projects.  Pinterest.  Christmas.  Sunsets.  Summer.  Beaches.  Campfires.  Friends.  Photography. Camping.  Big Fluffy Snowflakes.  Hot Chocolate.  My Kids.  My Husband.  Ice Cream.  Walks.  Vintage.  Old Barns.  Evening Light.  Cottages.  Lakes.  Family.  Smoothies.  Wildflowers.  Lilies.